A Day in the Life of … a Chimney Demolition Worker

Peter Mittelsdorf, Geschäftsführer von MB Spezialabbruch, Mann im mittl

In the official magazine of the German Demolition Association, “ABBRUCH AKTUELL”, you can regularly find out about current events in the association and in the demolition industry in general. The issue of March 2023 has dedicated an article to the everyday life of a chimney demolisher. The German Demolition Association conducted an interview on this subject with Peter Mittelsdorf, CEO of the demoltition company MB Spezialabbruch.

Safety at great heights – whether at the chimney or elsewhere

In order to work at heights of 300 meters, one should, of course, be free from vertigo. However, it is not only physical resilience that is important, but above all a sound knowledge of statics, construction machinery technology, process control technology and pollutants. During demolition work at heights, the safety of everyone involved plays the biggest role. Here, not only the daily control of the equipment is required, but also mutual attention. Working more than two hours at a time is not possible due to the physically demanding nature of the job. All in all, you end up with an eight-hour working day. And if things go well, at the end of the day you can see at a glance what you have accomplished and go home satisfied.

Full article about the process of demolition work

If you’ve ever wanted to know what chimney demolition is like, what safety aspects to consider, and how to get into the chimney demolition profession in the first place, read it right here in the full article.

“A Day in the Life of… a Chimney Demolition Worker”
Abbruch Aktuell (magazine of the German Demolition Association), issue 03/2023, pages 42-44
With kind permission of the German Demolition Association