The execution of complex earthworks and civil engineering measures represents an additional part of our range of services.

We have many years of experience in the field of earthworks and civil engineering and offer our customers professional, expert solutions. From analysis and concept development to individual construction logistics – we offer comprehensive support.

We are able to perform earthmoving as well as civil engineering works of all kinds. This includes soil removal, soil fill and backfill, land leveling and compaction, foundation excavation, and much more. Landscape recultivation, slope stabilization, and land consolidation are also an integral part of our service portfolio. In addition, as a certified waste management company, we are a qualified partner for the environmentally sound execution of land recycling, use-oriented soil remediation, and recultivation services in landfill construction.

At a glance

Individual earth structures

Earthworks are an integral part of civil engineering and include all construction measures in which the shape, position, or composition of the ground is changed. Earthworks are the basis for all types of traffic routes, but also for facilities, such as dams or landfills. With the latest machine technology and continuous training, we are up to the challenges in this field. To achieve optimal and long-lasting results, we rely on modern equipment, GPS-supported machine monitoring, and extensive attachment accessories for excavators, loaders, and tractors. This allows us to achieve the highest precision and flexibility for all tasks.

In the course of land consolidation, we remeasure land boundaries and adjust them in accordance with legal requirements. The planning and renewal of paths and roads is just as much a part of our work as pipe and pipeline construction.

Unused areas do not only cause unnecessary costs for surrounding property owners, they also block land and soil for new construction projects. Land recycling reduces the economic damage of derelict land. At the same time, this measure prevents settlements from being continuously extended, but rather creates new building sites in cities.

We create new space for you.