We are your reliable partner for the professional remediation of contaminated sites. We remediate contaminated industrial and military sites and remove all types of pollutants from them.

We use various methods to carry out remediation of contaminated sites.

In-situ remediation of contaminated sites: In this process, the removal and immobilization of contaminants takes place on site. Excavation of the entire contaminated subsoil is thus avoided.

On-site remediation of contaminated sites: In this case, if the general conditions are suitable, the remediation of the contaminated sites is carried out on site. The advantage of this process is that the soil can be reused directly after it has been treated on site. In addition, transport costs to the disposal facility are eliminated.

Off-site remediation of contaminated sites: This method of remediating contaminated sites does not take place where it is located, but at off-site treatment facilities. Off-site remediation is often used when on-site remediation is not feasible due to space and time constraints.

In addition, our range of services includes the construction and rehabilitation of facilities subject to the Water Resources Act (WHG) (both storage facilities and facilities for manufacturing, treatment, and use (HBV)), as well as the provisioning of expert construction management for rehabilitation measures. Our main concern in this case is the protection of people and nature through the use of expert, trained personnel and the careful application of our expertise.

At a glance

Decontamination of water and soil

The remediation of contaminated sites collectively refers to means of preventing new contamination, as well as active decontamination of contaminated sites. It serves to make contaminated sites, after the application of appropriate measures, harmless to humans and the environment. Pollutants are removed from the soil and water in order to restore them to their original natural state as much as possible. Contaminated building material is also removed and cleaned. Remediation of contaminated sites also includes relocation. In this process, the contaminated material is removed from the site and transported to external treatment facilities.

We will discuss with you which form of contaminated site remediation is possible and which makes the most sense in advance. Based on all framework conditions and goals, we develop a comprehensive reorganization concept. Our employees and our technology implement all planned measures professionally and expertly.

We create new space for you.