For interior cleaning, we rely on purely mechanical solutions. Thanks to our various special devices, even smaller-diameter pipes can be cleaned. For chimneys we use machines for larger diameters. Depending on the structure and requirements, we thoroughly remove deposits from all surfaces.

Our centrifugal wire brushing process loosens buildup on the inside of feed tubes. The material to be disposed of (hazardous waste) is vacuumed up, packed, and disposed of at the appropriate site (depending on the pollutant content).

Our various interior cleaning equipment can handle diameters ranging from 0.8 meters to 18 meters. The process has already been successfully applied to over 30 reinforced concrete/brick chimneys and silos.

We also perform interior cleaning as part of a complete dismantling to remove and dispose of contaminated material prior to demolition.

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Interior cleaning for more (than) safety

To ensure a long service life and a high degree of safety of industrial chimneys, they must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Soot deposits on the chimney inner shell reduce the chimney flue cross-section over time. A significant increase in the risk of fire is the result. Cleaning at regular intervals is essential to prevent fires or malfunctions.

For feed silos as well as containers in the food industry, the most important thing is a high level of cleanliness. Contamination reduces the quality of the stored goods. The infiltration or development of moisture can also lead to the formation of bacteria. In the worst case, this can lead to human or animal illness. Regular, controlled internal cleaning protects your goods from contamination and thus from a loss of value of the stored goods.

For silos of all types, you can count on gentle but thorough cleaning with our Silomax cleaning devices.

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