The dismantling of wind turbines presents new challenges. The operators of wind turbines are obliged to dismantle them, and, for economic reasons, this is often necessary after 20-25 years. Many turbines are reaching this age limit now or will do so in the near future.

Wind turbines, if they are well-maintained, may well operate for more than 20 years before demolition becomes necessary. However, wind farms are often equipped with more powerful models in the course of what is referred to as repowering. In this case, the demolition is carried out accordingly before the end of the economic lifetime. Fires or other irreparable damage may also necessitate the early dismantling of wind turbines.

Our IKS 2006 internal climbing saw is ideally suited for the dismantling of wind turbine towers. With its help, different sized parts can be sawed off for crane use. We are currently developming a special machine that will enable wind turbines to be dismantled without the use of a crane.

We also dismantle auxiliary facilities such as substations or transformer stations. In these cases, we usually rely on conventional excavator demolition technology.

At a glance

Wind turbine dismantling and recycling

The rotor blades of wind turbines, which are made of glass fiber composites or carbon composites, currently still pose a problem for recycling. In this case, therefore, it is all the more important to dispose of them properly. The recyclable components of a wind turbine, e.g. steel, aluminum, and copper, currently have a better eco-balance. After sorting, we feed them to the respective plants for processing.
According to the law, the dismantling of wind turbines also includes the removal of the foundation. The reinforced concrete bases can extend up to 20 meters into the ground, depending on the turbine. They may weigh up to several thousand tons. You can rely on our expertise for this task as well. We do all the necessary earthworks as well, thanks to our experienced team and our wide range of machinery. This includes the removal of all underground cables as well as the restoration of access roads and areas to their original condition. For example, we backfill the foundation of the plant with soil after dismantling and also handle the complete renaturation in other respects.

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