MB Spezialabbruch can look back on some groundbreaking technical achievements since its foundation – a brief overview of our milestones.

Progress via Technology

We want to revolutionize the demolition sector. That is why MB Spezialabbruch GmbH & Co. KG is constantly developing new technologies for safe and sustainable demolition and dismantling methods.


Photo: Ostthüringer Zeitung/Kai Mudra

Founding of MB Schornstein– und Betonabbruch GmbH & Co. KG by Michael Barnsteiner

The spider excavator owns its name to its six height-adjustable legs and is used for demolition of high industrial buildings. Since we have had a good experience with this demolition device over the course of many years, we are continuously developing it and improving its handling and effectiveness.

Development of mechanized exterior climbing saw in collaboration with LISMAC

The internal climbing saw is a development from MB Spezialabbruch. It is a variant of the Wall Saw and is used for sawing off rings on tall tubular structures made of reinforced concrete.

The DriveBreaker is a subsequent development of our Spider Excavator. It is used for the safe dismantling of tall, tower-like structures such as industrial chimneys.

first nearly simultaneous folding detonation of two 300-meter chimneys


The dismantling of the former Lubmin/Greifswald nuclear power plant is currently one of the largest organized nuclear power plant dismantling projects worldwide. For this project, we designed a special crane track.

With the development of the RDB 100, a completely new and innovative demolition machine was created. The RDB 100 enables unmanned, remote-controlled demolition of tall buildings with a linear structure.


The Hydroshield is used to clean air contaminated with suspended particles (fibers, dust, or similar).

The heavy-duty fastening device (Drop Anchor) is used to fasten loads to building structures where the wall plate must be anchored through; only one-sided access is possible and high pull-out forces must be absorbed

Wall and Wire Sawing Technology

Acquisition of modern wall and wire sawing technology, which is used for processing components with large cutting depths and for cutting tubular structures.

We have successfully applied the method of a safely induced controlled sequential collapse for the demolition of the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant in Mülheim-Kärlich.

Development of a machine-based, automated, unmanned, demolition process – MAMA process – for use on cooling towers. The development results are to be implemented on our demolition device RDB 100.

We are currently developing an innovative self-climbing scaffolding system in collaboration with PERI.

Development of a self-climbing scaffolding system