We are a certified waste management company and offer our customers a complete waste management package. This includes recycling directly on-site or off-site, but also the environmentally sound disposal of non-recyclable contaminated sites.

Above all else, we aim to live up to our responsibility towards people and the environment and to act in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way with the help of modern technology. This makes us your competent partner for the proper disposal of hazardous waste generated in the course of construction work. We meet the special regulations for its transport and disposal in a competent and professional manner.

The processing of demolition material is also part of our range of services.
We process bulk construction waste either directly on site or at our company-owned, certified recycling facilities with mobile crushing and screening equipment. We also offer the supply and sale of recycling raw materials for our customers. For example, we are able to produce recycled aggregate according to DIN 12620:2002.

At a glance

Recycling instead of disposal

There has been great progress in recent decades in the development of techniques and strategies for waste prevention, waste recovery, recycling, and the environmentally sound disposal of contaminated sites.

Due to these changes, selective dismantling has meanwhile become the standard for complete demolition measures. During this process, the dismantled materials are separated by type and then sent for waste disposal or recycling. Contaminants must also be sorted separately from the rest of the materials. The collection of waste classified as hazardous is also an important part of the demolition process.

Particular care must be taken to ensure that contaminated components do not mix with other materials. The contamination of a building is often a result of its use or dependent on the building materials used. We integrate the professional disposal of hazardous materials into the overall process from the outset. Timely removal of contaminated materials also ensures that the remaining construction materials can be recycled into high-quality building materials.

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