Developed by: MB Spezialabbruch GmbH & Co. KG
Development timeframe: 2017 – 2018

With the development of the RDB 100, a completely new and innovative demolition machine was created.

The RDB 100 enables unmanned, remote-controlled demolition of tall buildings with a linear structure. It thus offers increased safety for personnel, the demolition process, and the surrounding environment.

The RDB 100 is the prototype of a remote-controlled unmanned demolition machine for tall buildings with a linear structure. This machine is controlled by line of sight. A web-based IP camera system is installed to support the operator, and a GPS system exists for position control. The hydraulic system, remote control, and software are adapted to the application. The functionality and performance of the RDB 100 was impressively demonstrated during the demolition of the 162-meter-high cooling tower in Mülheim-Kärlich.

Advantages of innovation:

  • Use on tall buildings with a linear structure
  • No spanning of the structure necessary for stability
  • Replaces blasting, together with a novel process combination of demolition methods
  • Increased safety for personnel, demolition process, and environment
Other milestones
Research project: MAMA - Machine-based, automated, unmanned demolition process
Development: RDB 100i
Together with the TU Dresden and IBL-hydronic, we are working on the MAMA process (machine-based, automated, unmanned, demolition process) for the RDB 100i.
MB Spezialabbruch - Demolition and dismantling without the use of explosives
Sequential Collapse
We have successfully applied the method of a safely induced controlled sequential collapse for the demolition of the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant in Mülheim-Kärlich.
MB Spezialabbruch - Milestones: Wire saw
Wire Saw
A wire saw is often used to process components with large cutting depths and to cut tubular structures to size.
MB Spezialabbruch - Milestones: Wall saw
Wall Saw
Saw blades with a diameter of up to 1,600 millimeters are used for the wall saw, which allows for cutting depths of up to 730 millimeters.