Wire Saw

Developed by: MB Spezialabbruch GmbH & Co. KG
Development timeframe: 2019

Wire Saws are used to machine components with large cutting depths and to cut tubular structural elements to size. Due to the flexibility of this technology, even cutting depths of several meters are no problem. With Wire Saw technology, the machine used does not have to be attached directly to the component.

With wire sawing, a steel wire strung with diamond beads is guided over rollers around the workpiece and up to a wire accumulator. The wire accumulator can hold 18.4 meters of wire. The saw wire is kept under the necessary strain by a straining device during the sawing process until the component is separated.

Since 2019, we have been using, among others, the electric Wire Saw DSW 3018-E from the HILTI, which is currently the most powerful machine on the market in its segment.

Other milestones
Research project: MAMA - Machine-based, automated, unmanned demolition process
Development: RDB 100i
Together with the TU Dresden and IBL-hydronic, we are working on the MAMA process (machine-based, automated, unmanned, demolition process) for the RDB 100i.
MB Spezialabbruch - Demolition and dismantling without the use of explosives
Sequential Collapse
We have successfully applied the method of a safely induced controlled sequential collapse for the demolition of the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant in Mülheim-Kärlich.
MB Spezialabbruch - Milestones: Wall saw
Wall Saw
Saw blades with a diameter of up to 1,600 millimeters are used for the wall saw, which allows for cutting depths of up to 730 millimeters.
MB Spezialabbruch - Milestones: Drop anchor
Drop Anchor
The heavy-duty fastening device (drop anchor) is used to fasten loads to building structures where the wall panel has to be anchored.