Silo cleaning is an important service addition to our portfolio. We use the latest technology and equipment to remove deposits and residues from your silos. Upon request, we will prepare a detailed report and certify the proper and professional cleaning by means of a certificate.

Thanks to our flexible modular system, silos of any diameter can be cleaned with our “Silomax” cleaning devices. “Silomax” ensures that adhesions are removed without damaging the inner wall of the silo.

Personnel deployment into the silo during the cleaning process is not necessary!

Silos require regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid contamination of the contents. Buildup inside the silo also reduces the capacity of product silos, e.g. for concrete, to the point of blocking the drain. Fast and inexpensive cleaning increases productivity and thus minimizes costs. Silomax cleaning devices can be inserted into almost any silo through filter, inspection, or filling openings from above and brought up to the inner silo wall.

At a glance

Silo cleaning and disposal

Whether for raw stone dust silos or end-product silos, our technology can remove caking of any kind without risking any damage of the silo wall. Silomax uses different cleaning tools for this purpose: From chains to steel or nylon brushes to particularly gentle rubber cloths, Silomax is equipped with tools adapted to the structure to be cleaned. The device is powered by two counter-rotating motors and guided along the silo wall via remote control. During operation the operator observes Silomax through the inlet opening in the silo roof. Greatest possible safety for staff and the structure to be cleaned is guaranteed!

Another important application of Silomax is the removal of adhesions from chimney liners before the chimney is being demolished. The removed material is disposed of separately as hazardous waste and due to its smaller volume, causes much lower transport and disposal costs than disposing of all of the construction material as hazardous waste.

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