without the use of implotions

MB Spezialabbruch provides innovative, alternative, and customized procedures that do not require the use of implosions. These procedures are developed in our own company and can be adapted to the requirements of our customers.

Our man-less operated, mechanized, radio-controlled methods fulfill the highest safety standards with regard to personal safety, work and process safety, as well as environmental safety.

Thanks to our innovative demolition techniques, the use of explosives along with its corresponding risks, such as flying debris, can be avoided. Our mechanized demolition procedures ensure that the statics of the structure to be demolished is preserved. The use of implosions, on the other hand, carries the risk of the structure falling towards the wrong direction, causing damage to neighboring buildings or infrastructure. The most secure solution, especially in densely-built areas, is the use of alternative demolition methods that do not involve the use of any explosives. With our alternative approaches, accidents, occurring as a result of improper handling or storage of explosives, can be completely ruled out.

At a glance

Controlled sequential collapse through targeted pre-weakening

There are other ways of fast building demolition than through the use of explosives.

A successfully conducted method is the so-called controlled sequential collapse, which is safely induced without the use of any explosives.

Our method comprises three successive stages:

1. Concept development in conjunction with creation of a static model
2. Targeted pre-weakening of building
3. Targeted initiation of the controlled sequential collapse without the use of explosives

An individual complete package - tailored to your needs

Conventional methods are not an option for your project? You need an individual, customized solution?

Thanks to our well-developed infrastructure and our long-term business partners, we offer you a complete tailor-made package including the development of the demolition technology, the design and constructions of the demolition devices, the execution of the necessary earthworks, as well as the disposal or recycling of the demolition materials. Just get in touch!

We create new space for you.