As a specialist for the clean and safe demolition and dismantling of industrial power plants and cooling and exhaust air systems, we also handle recycling and disposal for you – everywhere in Europe.

Photo: Ostthüringer Zeitung/Kai Mudra

MB Spezialabbruch

We are a medium-sized family business based in southern Thuringia with over 30 years of experience in the field of special demolition.

MB Spezialabbruch stands for customized, safe, and innovative demolition techniques.

Since the beginning, our focus has been on continuous growth, innovative machinery, and, thanks to our many years of expertise, constant development in the field of special demolition, thus ensuring the sustainable development of our family business.

By combining different demolition techniques, we are able to offer complete solutions for a wide range of demolition jobs: from cooling tower and chimney demolition to complex industrial buildings.

As full-liner, we supply a wide range of services: from the preparation of demolition material / earthworks / civil engineering to the handing over of a vacant construction site.

A strong team for demolition and dismantling

Since January 2019, the Mittelsdorf Group and MB Schornstein –und Betonabbruch have been operating jointly as MB Spezialabbruch GmbH & Co. KG. Our many years of productive cooperation in the demolition of industrial chimneys and our joint development of patented demolition technologies, as well as special demolition equipment with our partner MB Schornstein- und Betonabbruch ultimately led to the merger. The resulting synergies enable us to further expand our range of services in order to meet the individual needs of our customers in the future.

Our goal is to achieve the highest possible level of quality for our customers while complying with, actively shaping, and specifically improving applicable occupational health and safety standards. Maximum staff as well as process safety is our top priority as we carry out our work. For example, the height access technology established at our company ensures the safe and efficient deployment of our personnel and of our demolition technology, even when working at great heights. We place particular emphasis on the constant education and training of our specialist staff and the use of effective occupational health and safety measures.

The continuous development of our demolition technologies and machinery is also one of our most important goals. Therefore, research and development have a high priority for us. We are actively involved in various research projects, for example, in the field of AI technology for demolition equipment in order to constantly expand our repertoire of technical capabilities and thus be able to generate case-related, safe, as well as cost-efficient solutions for our customers in the future.


With our variety of modern equipment and innovative technologies, we are able to handle a wide range of challenging demolition tasks.


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Trust in our many years of experience in the field of special demolition. Our numerous and varied references speak for themselves.


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Photo: Ostthüringer Zeitung/Kai Mudra

Development of special demoliton devices and patented demolition technologies

Sawing technology

We have the most powerful hardware for circular and wire saws and are thus able to handle all kinds of selective dismantling jobs at any height.

Drive Breaker

This special demolition device enables the spiral dismantling of industrial chimneys. This solution allows the work on chimneys with diameters ranging from 4 meters to 20 meters. Depending on their diameter and wall thickness, daily demolition rates of between 5 meters and 10 meters should be possible. Thanks to cylinder-like rollers on the boom feet, this special demolition device can move along all around the top edge of the chimney wall. The DriveBreaker is operated via remote control to ensure maximum safety for the operating staff. The new dismantling technology has already been used to dismantle chimneys around the globe, for example at the Komsomolsk steel mill in Russia (180 meters). Also, two more than 160 meter high structures made of reinforced concrete had to be mastered, one in Norway – the very first time the DriveBreaker had ever been used – and one in Lower Saxony.

RDB 100

The dismantling of natural draft cooling towers in particular presents a new technical challenge which we are meeting in an innovative, safe way with the RDB 100. The Round DriveBreaker, or RDB for short, was specially developed for the demolition of cooling towers. Our special demolition device enables a Maschinelles, Automatisiertes, Mannloses Abbruchverfahren (machine-based, automated, unmanned, demolition) — the “MAMA”© process, which meets the highest safety requirements. Thanks to its special wheel design, the demolition device can move circumferentially on the cooling tower rim and successively dismantle it via an attachment on the boom. It is remote controlled from a control panel.

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