Our research projects range from new, better technologies in demolition and recycling, to the development of our own machines.

We engineer innovation.

As a professional for safe and expert special demolition, we have developed specialized in-house equipment for special requirements in the past. We would like to continue to evolve in regard to our demolition techniques. That is why, today, we are researching advanced technologies in the field of industrial construction in cooperation with other companies and institutes.

Our research projects

Here you can read about seleced research projects in greater detail.

Thuringia Master Plan

Resource-efficient construction of the future

Research objectives:

Creation of closed material cycles for the recovery of valuable raw materials as well as resource recovery from waste, building materials/components, and wastewater

The development of new, better demolition technologies is one of our major goals. It is not only about economic efficiency, but above all about a sustainable use of resources. Some building materials can already be easily processed in recycling plants. However, when it comes to composites or contaminated material in particular, the possibilities for recycling can be somewhat limited. Therefore, we and our partners are working on new technologies for the recovery of raw materials. The prospects for resource recovery from construction waste and wastewater will also be investigated.

“MAMA” Process©

Automated demolition process

Research objectives:

Safe and efficient execution of complex dismantling processes thanks to modern automation technology

Based on our experience with the application of our special demolition equipment RDB 100 for dismantling the cooling tower of the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant, our set goal is to make complex dismantling processes even safer and more efficient in the future. Our special demolition equipment enables a mechanized, automated, and unmanned demolition process, the “MAMA” process©, which meets the highest safety requirements.

Research for the future

Through our research projects, we would like to contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge and technologies in industrial construction and demolition. Above all, safety for people and nature is very important to us. Thanks to new, resource-conserving technologies and the use of artificial intelligence, we hope to make continuous progress in this area.
Efficient, sustainable techniques in construction, as well as in dismantling, continue to be an asset to the economics of industrial construction projects.

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